The Top 14 Pioneers Leading the Charge in DesignOps

Dec 8, 2023

Title: The Top 14 Pioneers Leading the Charge in DesignOps

In the burgeoning realm of DesignOps, a blend of design and operations, certain visionaries are making significant strides. Here, we spotlight the 14 most influential DesignOps leaders who are shaping the landscape of this exciting field.

Dave Malouf - A key figure in the DesignOps community, Malouf is known for his pioneering work and thought leadership in integrating design into business processes.

Meredith Black - Co-author of "DesignOps Handbook," Black is renowned for her role in establishing and scaling design operations at Pinterest.

Kristin Skinner - As a co-author of "Org Design for Design Orgs," Skinner has made significant contributions to the development of DesignOps as a discipline.

Abby Covert - A specialist in information architecture, Covert has influenced the DesignOps field with her approach to complex systems and problem-solving.

Peter Merholz - Along with Kristin Skinner, Merholz has been instrumental in shaping the organizational aspect of design teams and DesignOps.

Collin Whitehead - As the Head of Brand Studio at Dropbox, Whitehead has demonstrated how effective DesignOps can drive brand strategy and execution.

Aarron Walter - Known for his work at InVision, Walter has been influential in understanding how DesignOps can enhance user experience and design culture.

Rochelle King - With her experience at Spotify and Netflix, King has been a leading voice in how data and design intersect in operational contexts.

Lou Downe - Author of "Good Services" and a leader in service design, Downe's work has had a considerable impact on the DesignOps community.

Doug Powell - As a Distinguished Designer at IBM, Powell has been a key figure in integrating design thinking into business processes at scale.

Leah Buley - Author of "The User Experience Team of One," Buley's insights into UX design are integral to the evolution of DesignOps.

Christian Rohrer - A veteran in user research and strategy, Rohrer’s contributions have been vital in bridging the gap between research and operations in design.

Jared Spool - A leader in the field of usability and design, Spool’s teachings and insights have been influential in shaping DesignOps practices.

Katrina Alcorn - As a General Manager of Design at IBM, Alcorn has played a significant role in advocating for the importance of DesignOps in large organizations.

These trailblazers are not just innovating within their fields; they're actively shaping the future of DesignOps. Following their work and insights is essential for anyone looking to stay at the forefront of this evolving discipline.

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